Job Loss Crisis? How Can StoryBonding Help You Overcome This Hell…

StoryBonding Marketing is a Marketing focused on Human bonding.
StoryBonding: Green is Prosperity. Gold is Wealth. White is Sincerity…

Welcome To The StoryBonding Way:

Losing your job hurts. It’s a shock to the system.

After all that you’ve done for them, they let you go so easily.

And now, your life isn’t at all what you wished it to be.

Waking up in the morning, lost, not knowing what you’ll do in your day: no structure, no purpose, no real control over your life.

No happiness. Only depression. Throat is tight. Stress burning your chest. Too distracted to give your family the love and care they deserve.

Even afraid to look into your bank account because bills are eating up your savings, like a hungry hyena.

Your biggest goal is to avoid the piercing eyes, and the curious questions of everyone…

…They hope for the good news you just don’t have.

And you try to keep the hope alive.

But deep down, you know that hope is an illusion: This is the worst economic crisis of our lifetime.

With so many tens of millions unemployed, any hope to find a good job after getting fired is a mere mirage. Truly an illusion.

It’s time to do something else. To do something new. To do something different.

But this crisis did something good in this world:

People are staying at home. They’re buying more online coaching than ever. That is the opportunity: the Golden Age of online coaching is right now.

This is about financial security. About building a safety net you can count on, never ever having your income under the control of someone else. To have control over your own livelihood.

This is about having both the money AND the time to create more happy memories with those you love. Because happy memories are the real wealth in life. They makes life meaningful.

This is about healing your past wounds. Each person you’ll help will heal you from the traumas of the past, because you’ll see that real change is possible in this world.

Because everyone willing to do the work deserves a chance to a new life. Because everyone willing to be courageous deserves a life of financial security. Because everyone willing to invest in themselves deserves a life without any money worries.

The StoryBonding Way is not for everyone. This Podcast is only for the Top 5%. This is for the people who have lost their jobs and want something better, something different, something new.

The 3 Characteristics of a Limitless StoryBonding Coach

And first and foremost, this is for those who have these 3 characteristics of a Limitless StoryBonding Coach:

  • Courage: This is for those who understand that being afraid is normal. But rather than running away, they choose to move forward. To take one step forward every day.
  • Investor Mentality: This is for the ones willing to invest in themselves. Because they know, investing in yourself is always the best investment there is.
  • Kindness: This is for the givers, not the takers. For those who know the more goodness they spread in this world, the more will return back to them.

Without these characteristics, you’ll be destined to a life of a typical Struggling Unemployed Coach.

With these, you’re way ahead.

With these, you can become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach who has financial security, who can live life on your terms.

And what does a Limitless StoryBonding Coach do that a Struggling Unemployed Coach doesn’t?

Everyday, a Limitless StoryBonding Coach does 3 simple actions to get better compounding results:

(1) Learn 1 new thing every day.
(2) Open 1 small door that can lead to income.
(3) Collect 1 Simple StoryBonding story.

That’s it.

These are your daily L.O.C.s: Learn, Open, Collect.

When you become a Limitless StoryBonding Coach that I personally Mentor, the specific goal is the following:

  • To clear out the head-trash that is keeping you stuck. As a professional hypnotherapist, I will dig deep to free you from these limitations.
  • To uncover your Hidden Natural Gift so that you coach people using your hidden strengths. This is both exciting and very valuable to the world.
  • To get you 5 Loyal Coaching Clients who pay you monthly $900 dollars for the premium coaching packages we will create. As a Copywriter with 8 years of experience and the brain behinds StoryBonding Marketing, I will put all my expertise and knowledge to help you get there.
  • You’ll get a step-by-step coaching process — The StoryBonding Coaching Framework — so that you know exactly what to do during each session with your loyal clients to keep them satisfied and to get them results. All you do is follow the framework.
  • All of this while working a maximum of 5 hours a day, then taking the rest of the time to live life on your terms, doing what makes you heart happy.

This not a get-rich quick scheme. This requires WORK.

This is not about being a Millionaire. This is about financial security, having a safety net you can count on, and never ever having your income under the control of someone else.

This is about security, independence, and a chance at a new life.

I’ll hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the confusing beginnings, making it as simple as possible to do what works now during this crisis, and beyond.

In a world where social isolation is becoming normal, now is the Golden Age of online coaching. Now is the right time.

You can choose to do it on your own. That’s what the typical Struggling Unemployed Coaches do.

Or you can do it right: The StoryBonding Way.


Then Stop everything and send me an email here now:

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And we will begin a conversation about your unique situation and the next step that is right for you.

But this is only for those who have the courage to take a step forward… Those willing to invest in themselves:

Because if you’re not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect loyal clients to pay you premium prices?

Begin. Take a step forward, today. Because each day that passes, someone else is working to build this secure future, and you’re not.

Will you let this happen? Choose wisely.

For more information, check out my Podcast:

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